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01 June, 2010


I miss you all!!!

19 May, 2010

make a scrapbook

I decided to throw away many magazines in the book shelf. I clipped out some articles and pictures from them... scrapbooking is very fun!

04 May, 2010

t-shirt weather

Now, we're having 'Golden Week' holidays. I'm happy the blue sky spreads everyday.
And tomorrow is my birthday!! I want to go out to eat yakiniku... haha

30 April, 2010


Tomorrow is Lei Day!

23 April, 2010

On The Verge

This past weekend I was in Virginia Beach for a fashion design competition via FCCLA (similar to DECA for those of you who are unfamiliar). The day after my presentation my mother and I went to the aquarium, where there is a new komodo dragon. It was interesting to see the exchange between the dragon and these little girls - he would turn his head to the side and close his eyes, then open them looking directly at the girls. That would scare them to death, and they'd huddle closer together. Eventually they left their little bubble, but the whole thing was just hilarious!

Anyway, that's what I was doing while I was MIA last week. I won first place and received a perfect score from the judges, but I won't be going to nationals.

This week I am very tired but I am also very excited for my upcoming collection!

22 April, 2010

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! I didn't sleep well, so it's not very celebratory. But I intend on planting a tree (hopefully apple tree!) and some bluebonnet flowers in the near future. These are some roses in our garden.

20 April, 2010


Where is spring? Everyday, I'm watching dark sky... I need colors.